Safe use of HCFC alternatives in refrigeration and air-conditioning

When refrigeration and air conditioning equipment is installed, serviced, repaired and dismantled, safety issues need to be carefully evaluated and considered particularly when servicing technicians have to deal with refrigerants with properties that they were previously not familiar with. It is therefore important that the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry adapts to both the technical and safety issues concerning these refrigerants.

Results of XVI European Eonference

The conference was the largest event in the history of Centro Studi Galileo and the Italian Association of Refrigeration Technicians CSG has been able to celebrate its 40th anniversary with extreme satisfaction: 200 participants from 4 continents, more than 50 speakers and 26 Platinum, Gold and Silver Partners came together to support the Conference. Our industry will face huge challenges in the coming years and in response, the main theme of the conference was „Do not Wait — Act now!“ (Per Jonasson President of AREA). Our industry will suffer if we do not act now; however if immediate action is taken, there will be innumerable benefits both for the environment and future technological evolutions and innovations. In particular for session 1 to 4, the key concepts from the Conference and the conclusions are therefore: zero use of refrigerants with a high Global Warming Potential GWP environmental impact, energy efficiency, and correct labeling. All of these actions are to be undertaken urgently in the coming months; further innovations will help and support European Companies and expansion into new markets …