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Germany warns R1234yf could cause harm to drinking water

Last week the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) warned that the degradation of HFO R1234yf – which is widely used in mobile air-conditioning systems – into trifluoroacetic acid (TFA; the atmospheric by-product of HFOs) could contaminate the water supply as the HFO cannot be removed after contamination has taken place.

UN Environment Statement on CFC Emissions

New findings from a study released this week in Nature report that emissions of CFC-11, the second most abundant ozone-depleting gas controlled by the Montreal Protocol, have unexpectedly increased in recent years, despite a global ban on production since 2010.

Save the date: eurammon Symposium 2018

It is one of the key dates for the refrigeration and air-conditioning branch: on 28 and 29 June, operators, planners, system engineers and an interested trade audience will all come together in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, for the eurammon Symposium 2018.