ASHRAE & UNEP-OzonAction launch new joint workplan promoting management of refrigerants in developing economies

In margins of ASHRAE Winter Conference and in the presence of members of the ASHRAE Associate Societies Alliance (AASA) representing 60+ international refrigeration and air-conditioning engineering associations from all continents, ASHRAE and UNEP-OzonAction launched their sixth biennial joint workplan which covers 2019-2020 under the theme of “Refrigerant Management for Developing Economies”.

Andorra ratifies Kigali

Landlocked Andorra, a European microstate sandwiched between France and Spain has become the latest country to ratify the Kigali amendment to phase down HFC refrigerants.

European Commission issued standardization request for a new European standardization deliverable in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment

To support and provide the reduction of the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment, the European Commission had issued the standardization request to have a European standardization deliverable on the use of flammable refrigerants. These new standardization deliverables specifically classified as A3 in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment are planned to be issued by November 2020 or February 2021.