What we can learn from a healing Ozone layer

On the 35th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, it is fitting that you have returned to the city where it all began. Congratulations to all Parties and others involved for carrying out a repair job on a planetary scale. The ozone layer is now healing. Your work has delivered so many benefits, by both protecting the planet from UV radiation and slowing climate change.

Heat waves driven by climate change have cost global economy trillions since the 1990s

Massive economic losses due to sweltering temperatures brought on by human-caused climate change are not just a problem for the distant future. A study in the journal Science Advances has found that more severe heat waves resulting from global warming have already cost the world economy trillions of dollars since the early 1990s—with the world’s poorest and lowest carbon-emitting nations suffering the most.

ASHRAE, UNEP invite lower GWP innovation award entries

Entries are now being accepted for the ASHRAE and OzonAction of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) 2022 Lower GWP Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Innovation Award. The award promotes innovative design, research and practice by recognizing people who have developed or implemented innovative technological concepts applied in developing countries to minimize global warming potential (GWP) through refrigeration and air-conditioning applications. The award is part of the ASHRAE-UNEP OzonAction joint workplan for 2021-2023 under the global cooperation agreement established by both parties in 2007.