ICR 2019 call for abstracts

The International Institute of Refrigeration is now calling for abstracts of papers to be presented at the International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR) in Montreal in August 2019.

‘Integrated’ the CO2 buzzword in 2018

This will be a year of integrating air conditioning and heating technologies in commercial refrigeration systems, while ejectors will continue to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of CO2 transcritical systems, manufacturers said.

CO2 trainer sheds light on transcritical

In a bid to increase understanding of transcritical CO2 systems in North America, Hillphoenix’s senior corporate trainer Rusty Walker led a training session in an effort to educate technicians who typically work in industrial plants on the finer points of the technology at the RETA (Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association) National Conference, held in Hershey, Pa., September 25-29 2017.

Can low-charge systems ease technician crisis?

It has been widely acknowledged that the number of technicians trained to handle natural refrigerant systems is dwindling. But the advent of small and standardized low-charge ammonia packaged systems – which can be used instead of traditional massive ammonia plants or synthetic refrigerant systems – will make it easier to train and maintain enough qualified technicians, according to Mike Chapman, director of process safety management (PSM) compliance at Stellar, and Kurt Liebendorfer, vice-president of Evapco.

Climate Change Is Causing the Seafloor to Sink

If there’s one thing we’re learning about this global planetary experiment called climate change, it’s that there are unexpected consequences. Case in point: All of the water pouring off Earth’s melting ice sheets is making the oceans heavier, so much so that seafloors are literally sinking. And that could be messing with our measurements of global sea level rise.

VRF Guide published by IOR with CIBSE

A new guide on variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioning was published in December 2017 ior cibse vrfas a joint publication from the Institute of Refrigeration and CIBSE. IOR members will be able to download it for FREE from the web site.