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CFC11 in China a “massive crime”

A new report – Blowing It – by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) reveals shocking evidence that the use of CFC11 in the polyurethane foam sector in China is the cause of the recently discovered increases in CFC11 in the atmosphere.

Germany warns R1234yf could cause harm to drinking water

Last week the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) warned that the degradation of HFO R1234yf – which is widely used in mobile air-conditioning systems – into trifluoroacetic acid (TFA; the atmospheric by-product of HFOs) could contaminate the water supply as the HFO cannot be removed after contamination has taken place.

Solstice N41 – a blessing or a curse?

Honeywell’s announcement of a new non-flammable, lower GWP alternative to R410A is perhaps seen as the answer to an air conditioning contractor’s prayer. But does it also create problems for the industry? Neil Everitt poses a few questions.