MHI plans new R32 air conditioners

MHI plans new R32 air conditioners

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is to adopt the new lower GWP refrigerant R32 in all 274 models of a new high efficiency air conditioning range to be released in Japan this May.

In addition to adopting R32 in all models, the new ExceedHyper and HyperInverter series will also feature AirFlex, MHI’s innovative panels which reduce draughts by changing the air path toward the ceiling and horizontally.

The ExceedHyper series will feature 109 models and the HyperInverter 165 models, with both series available in sizes from 1.5 to 6hp.

The size of the 5hp and 6hp condensing unit has been reduced to the same size as the 4hp unit (970mm wide × 1,300mm high × 370mm deep).

The room units are equipped with a new sensor to detects human movement and automatically controls the temperature setting. It automatically shuts down when no one is present, and automatically starts up again when the person returns.