Advansor expands ValuePack CO2 options

Advansor expands ValuePack CO2 options

In additions to its ValuePack range of CO2 refrigeration packs, Danish manufacturer Advansor has added a low superheat option and an ultra compact ValuePack Light version.

The new ValuePack Light is described as an ultra-compact CO2 climate solution for smaller supermarkets and discount stores. According to Advansor, its height of only 1570mm will enable it to fit into tight places like basements and small machinery rooms.

Combining cooling and heating in one, it offers capacities up to 45kW in MT and up to 15kW in LT.

Advansor expands ValuePack CO2 options

The ValuePack Light comes with the latest Advansor ValuePack inventions including a patented receiver design with integrated coil and suction accumulator protecting against liquid slugging, and an oil separator contributing to less oil circulation in the system and better heat transfer in the evaporator.

The company’s CTO Kenneth Madsen described the new unit as one of the most compact racks in the market with that capacity. “At the same time,” he said, “It is a very energy efficient solution with cylinder unloading technology on the MT1 compressor as standard, and optional heat recovery, using the excess heat from the cooling processes for space heating or hot tap water and thereby increasing energy savings further.”

Low superheat option

Savings of over 10% are said to have been achieved with the new low superheat ValuePack add-on during tests in more than 30 supermarkets over the last two years in both cold and warm climates.

Low superheat allows the evaporators to run with very low superheat setting without having the risk of liquid CO2 returning to the compressors. Typically, the evaporation temperature can be increased by around 4-5K, which will provide energy savings around 10%.

The new low superheat option is said to build on the success of Advansor’s ultra-low superheat module which was introduced to the market a year ago.

While the ultra-low superheat module is relevant for larger capacity segments above 100kW, the Low Superheat option is aimed at smaller capacities below 100kW.