The leader of the Danish company Danfoss said that zero emissions will not be achieved without improving energy efficiency

The leader of the Danish company Danfoss said that zero emissions will not be achieved without improving energy efficiency

Speaking at the 8th Global Conference of the International Energy Agency (IEA) in France, Kim Fausing, President of the Danish company Danfoss, said that governments of all countries need to strengthen energy efficiency policies as a key tool to contain energy demand, strengthen energy security and mitigate the impact of change climate. Fausing talked about the progress over the past year. He noted the importance of actions to improve energy efficiency in the coming years.

The 8th Annual International Energy Agency Global Energy Efficiency Conference is the IEA’s largest annual energy efficiency event. The conference is attended by representatives from more than 80 countries, including energy and climate ministers, CEOs of large companies and up to 650 participants from around the world. The purpose of the conference is to promote global progress in the field of energy efficiency by promoting best practices, disseminating knowledge and promoting international cooperation.

Analysis by the International Energy Agency has shown that efforts to improve efficiency need to be doubled by 2030 to offset rising energy demand, emissions are also needed to secure energy supplies and reach the goal of limiting climate warming to 1.5°C. It is also noted that currently measures to improve energy efficiency are not being implemented at a fast enough pace. The report contains recommendations for improving policies, introducing new technologies and investments that can help make the necessary progress. The report notes that global progress in energy efficiency has reached 2.2% in 2022, and this is still far from the required 4% progress annually until 2030 to achieve the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. At the same time, the demand for energy in the world grew by 1% in 2022.

As part of the conference, the International Energy Agency published a report entitled “Efficiency – A Decade of Action”, which highlights the importance of improving energy efficiency in the coming years. The MEA report highlights the importance of measures to achieve an energy efficient future. The report examines the latest demand and policy trends, as well as the next steps to improve efficiency and implement investments.

The agency also encourages governments, companies and consumers to be more actively involved in the implementation of energy efficiency measures. This can help stimulate innovation, create new jobs and increase the competitiveness of the economy.

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