Bearings running on refrigerants will improve the efficiency of refrigeration equipment

Refrigerant bearings will improve the efficiency of refrigeration equipment

The American company New Way has developed porous gases that are said to increase the efficiency of refrigeration equipment. New bearing patents describe the use of a refrigerant gas to provide a load-bearing film in the bearing.

Porous gas bearings are more efficient than oil bearings as they minimize shear losses. This results in cost savings by eliminating oil pumps and filters. The absence of oil also eliminates the risk of it getting into the refrigerant in the heat exchanger. When oil enters the refrigerant, the surface is insulated, thereby reducing the heat transfer efficiency.

Many refrigeration manufacturers use oil-free magnetic bearings, but these are difficult and expensive to purchase and operate. Most large chiller equipment still has oil bearings.

The new gas bearings offer the same benefits as magnetic bearings, but at a lower cost and with the ability to upgrade existing oil bearing equipment.

As a result, these gas bearings are claimed to improve commercial and industrial refrigeration efficiency.

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