Book “Refrigeration – Solved Examples" by Risto Ciconkov

Book Refrigeration – Solved Examples by Risto Ciconkov

The book Refrigeration – Solved Examples is intended as a reference book for practicing engineers who would appreciate having a summary of useful formulae made available to them. It should serve as useful supplementary reading to students at various academic levels, lecturers and research workers.

This book contains completed and commonly accepted formulae and thermophysical data in order to solve examples in refrigeration and parts of air conditioning.

It contains the following chapters: basic calculations, refrigeration cycles with an ideal gas, single stage vapor compression refrigeration systems, complex vapor compression refrigeration systems, absorption
refrigeration systems, condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers, cold room, different examples, thermodynamic and physical properties of refrigerants and secondary coolants.

The System International (SI) units are adopted throughout. There is a table for conversion between “SI” and “IP” units.

In the new edition (2016) are added new examples with the CO2 refrigerant, with various modifications in order to improve the transcritical cycles.

Ejectors as expansion devices are included too; new tables for thermodynamic and physical properties for CO2, Propane, R32 and R1234ze(E).

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The 280-page book can be purchased from the ASHRAE website (Go to Resources & Publications > Bookstore > search for “Ciconkov”). The direct link is:

The price for the 2016 edition is USD 65.

You can also order it from for 49 EUR plus postage. In case you have questions, please consult Risto.