Climalife Blue Book 2018

Climalife Blue Book 2018

In this transitional period, new fluids are being developed to replace the high-GWP refrigerants. That’s why the blue book, an essential tool for all users of refrigerants, has just been republished and updated.

Summary: 34 refrigerants including 14 new ones, a fresh design for easier reading.

HCFCs: R-22

HFCs: R-23, R-32, R-134a, R-227ea, R-236fa, R-245fa, R-404A, R-407A, R-407C, R-407F (Performax® LT), R-410A, R-417A (Freon™ MO59), R-422A (Freon™ MO79), R-422D (Freon™ MO29), R-423A (Freon™ 39TC), R-427A (Forane® FX100), R-437A (Freon™ MO49+), R-438A (Freon™ MO99), R-507A, R-508B

HFCs / HFOs: R-448A (Solstice® N40), R-449A, R-450A(Solstice® N13), R-452A, R-455A (Solstice® L40X), R-513A

HFOs: R-1233zd (Solstice® zd), R-1234yf (Solstice® yf), R-1234ze (Solstice® ze)

HCs: R-290 (propane), R-600a (Isobutane)

Other refrigerants: R-717, R-744

Find all the essential information about refrigerator fluids:

GWP (according to IPCC4), regulations, commercial specifications, type of oils, and thermodynamic properties in saturated state, entropy, enthalpy and mass volume.

Here You can to download the Blue Handbook