Video (informational): natural refrigerants part 1 – hydrocarbons

Martin Dennison (AMCA-NSW) raises the questions around the safety precautions that need to be considered when coming across Hydrocarbons and Carbon Dioxide when working with natural refrigerant gasses.
Steve Smith (TAFE) explains the history of refrigerant gasses and why we have started to return to using natural refrigerants.
Six basic questions are asked around the safety precautions of using Hydrocarbons:
- What equipment can I retrofit?
- How do I identify equipment containing Hydrocarbons?
- What are the safety requirements when handling Hydrocarbons?
- How do I reclaim/recover Hydrocarbon out of an existing system?
- How do I store and transport a Hydrocarbon cylinder?
- Why use a flammable refrigerant?
These questions are well-tackled by Warren Steele and Ken Townshend from Electrolux, whose home refrigeration products use hydrocarbon gas.