Video (informational): climacheck performance analyser - presentation

Video (informational): ClimaCheck Performance Analyser – Presentation

It has previously been difficult to cost-effectively measure the performance of

refrigeration systems in operation. Now there is the ClimaCheck method.

The ClimaCheck method allows you, an owner, installer, consultant or manufacturer to analyse and evaluate virtually all types of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

In a basic cooling process analysis is based on ten measuring points that are connected to the system to collect the necessary data. ClimaCheck directly analyses the data and documents performance. You then have a complete picture of how the system is working and the adjustments needed to boost energy efficiency.

The ClimaCheck method is based entirely on thermophysical data for the refrigerant and fundamental energy laws. This is a tool to document refrigeration system performance that is independent of system input or component suppliers, and is therefore totally unbiased.