Screw compressors gea grasso: advanced, energy efficient, reliable


Today, the GEA Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of screw compressors, widely known under the name GEA Grasso (former Kuhlautomat). GEA Grasso screw compressors are used to increase gas pressure.

The special design of thescrewprofile manufactured in accordance with the patented technical solutions provides high efficiency, reliability and simple maintenanceand operation of the compressor.

Throughout its 60-year history GEA Grasso screw compressors have proved efficient in difficult operational conditions in different enterprises, navy and food industry.

Lineup screw compressors GEA Grasso present three series: SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE, which include22 sizes with a capacity range from 231 to 8560 m3 / h with a maximum injection pressure up to 52 bars. For special applications available compressors ensure maximum discharge pressure of up to 130 bars.

GEA Grasso screw compressors have continuously adjustable performance and system of automatic control of geometric compression ratio, high efficiency, minimum indicators of noise and vibration and compactness.