Refrigerants from a danfoss perspective 1 - why refrigerants?


Watch this video to get a quick review of the history and development of refrigerants, what refrigerants are available today and which refrigerant is likely to be the best for your application. 
Cooling and heating are vital basics for man, and for almost 200 years we have been using the same, thermodynamic principles for heating and cooling. Refrigerants are indispensable for the thermodynamic cycle, but the use of refrigerants has changed through history. And now the use of refrigerants is changing again, prompted by concerns for environment and climate.
As you probably know the environmental impact of refrigerants is primarily measured by their Global Warming Potential (GWP). During the next 5-10 years refrigerants with high GWP will gradually be phased out and replaced by low-GWP and more natural refrigerants, for instance CO2, ammonia and hydrocarbons, and by new synthetic refrigerants and blends. The video will take you through this development…


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