Refrigerants from a danfoss perspective 3 - availability of refrigerants


Watch this video to get an overview of the phase-out and phase-down of high GWP and ozone-depleting refrigerants. And take the next step to find alternative refrigerants that will suit your application.
The Montreal protocol from 1989 initiated the phase-out of the most ozone-depleting refrigerants. And now, a similar phase-out, or at least phase-down of the use of HFCs is the subject of global discussions within the framework of the Montreal Protocol. 
In Europe, amended F-gas regulation was adopted in 2014 to phase down the use of HFCs to a level of only 21 % of today’s usage in 2030. The phase-down is managed by an intricate quota system and sectorial bans on high GWP gases. Similar limitations on the use of HFCs is introduced in several markets around the world, notably in North America and Japan, while much of the developing world is still waiting for decisions within the Montreal protocol. 
No doubt, the regulation of refrigerants will continue and the information of the video will help you prepare for the future. For instance you will learn how natural refrigerants are fast becoming the preferred choice wherever possible…