Energy saving system blue energy


Each manufacturer of air conditioning and refrigeration systems provides calculation of the efficiency of their facilities. It indicates what cooling capacity (kW / h) the facility is able to provide at a certain temperature of air entering the condenser. The higher the air temperature entering the condenser, the higher the pressure of condensation of the refrigerant and consequently the higher the power consumption for the necessary cooling capacity.

On average, upon the decrease of the temperature of air entering the condenser at 1 ° C, the efficiency of air conditioning and cooling systems is improved by 1.8%, i.e. one needs 1.8% less energy to achieve the desired cooling capacity.

Thanks to the use of the Eco Panel for cooling Blue Energy “Smart cooling ™”, included in the air conditioning and refrigeration facility, the  temperature  of air cooling the condenser is reduced on average by 10 – 20 ° C. This results into energy savings of up to 30% …


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