The ultimate CO2 refrigeration system for every food retail store format

CO2OLtec provides both low temperature and medium temperature refrigeration solutions for all retail shop formats. The total impact of a refrigeration system in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, also called TEWI (Total Equivalent Warming Impact), is derived from the indirect emissions (energy consumption) and the direct emissions (refrigerant leakage) over the life cycle of the system. Choosing a CO2 installation delivers world-class low TEWI performance. Compared to a conventional HFC direct expansion refrigeration system, a CO2 installation has no global warming impact resulting from any potential refrigerant leaks and improves energy efficiency by about 10% on average in mild to cold climate conditions. The potential reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for a hypermarket is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of more than 400 cars.

CO2 is an environmentally neutral refrigerant also used as an additive in beverages (carbonated drinks & soda water), available worldwide and affordable …

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