Seven steps to maximizing central plant efficiency


As commercial building owners search for ways to be more competitive, earn green building certification and anticipate government mandates for higher levels of energy efficiency, growing attention is being paid to the central plant. It’s a logical place to turn. Buildings are the largest consumer of energy worldwide. Within a building, the HVAC system consumes the most energy. And among the various HVAC systems such as airside, chillers and boilers, the chiller plant uses the most energy. As a result, there is mounting pressure to increase plant efficiency through something called optimization.

Optimization is generating quite a buzz in the industry, but because the concept is still in its infancy, there’s been a great deal of confusion about what it means. Is it hardware? Software? A third-party add on? Truth is, Central Plant Optimization is all those – and more. Central Plant Optimization is an approach. A philosophy. A methodology. And when fully implemented, it will allow a chiller plant to reach and sustain its high-performance, high-efficiency potential …