Practical application of r290 refrigerant propane in small hermetic systems

Practical application of R290 refrigerant propane in small hermetic systems

Refrigerant R290 or propane is a possible replacement for other refrigerants, which have high impact on environment, in small hermetic systems, like factory made commercial refrigerators and freezers. It has zero ozone depletion potential ODP and a negligible global warming potential GWP. Furthermore, it is a substance, which is a part of petrol gases from natural sources.

The refrigerant R290 has been in use in refrigeration plants in the past, and is still used in some industrial plants. In domestic heat pumps and air conditioners R290 has been used in Germany for some years, however, with different level of success.

Propane R290 is a possible refrigerant for this application, with good energy efficiency, but special care has to be taken to the flammability of propane.