A unique equipment processing plant has been opened in Russia

A hi-tech plant processing refrigerators and air conditioners has been opened in the Moscow Region in spring 2016. Thanks to the international level of its equipment and production capacity, the plant will be capable of processing all harmful freon gas.

The processing of waste equipment will take place in the Dmitrovsk District of the Moscow Region. UKO recycling company launched the project in spring 2016.

The company accepts refrigerators and climate equipment for processing. This list will surely include household refrigerators and air conditioners.

The plant’s production capacity is estimated at 50,000 units p.a. Though it will be possible to increase the figure to 200,000 in future.

According to UKO, the plant will become a versatile enterprise in Russia meeting all international safety requirements. Thanks to hi-tech Italian equipment, the processing will remove 100% of freon gas that destructs the ozone screen of the atmosphere.