Danfoss: reduce energy consumption and protect the environment through our co2 solutions

Danfoss: Reduce energy consumption and protect the environment through our CO2 solutions

In recent years, CO2 has been increasingly used as a refrigerant. The most important thing about this is that CO2 is a safe and natural refrigerant. However, it is not possible to replace all existing refrigerants with CO2; each case should be considered individually, taking into account the cumullative equivalent thermal effect and operating costs. If factors such as efficacy, safety, toxicity and impact on the global climate are considered, then it becomes evident that none of the refrigerants is ideal for all applications. CO2 is an advantageous refrigerant, which can be used for many applications in many fields. CO2 is most applicable when it comes to: food retailing, industry, heat pumps, cooling of means of transport and cooling of server and electronic cabinets …


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