Article provided by the magazine "world of climate": heat pumps in a country house

Article provided by the magazine „World of Climate“: Heat pumps in a country house

The costs of heating, hot water supply, ventilation and air conditioning make up 80% of the cost of maintaining a modern country house, turning to hundreds of thousands of rubles of annual financial allocations. To reduce these costs, HVAC equipment should be carefully chosen, taking into account the availability of energy resources in the long run. In the areas with uninterrupted power supply, where there is no or significantly less access to the main gas for heating and cooling of suburban housing,  using  heat pumps makes sense. Reversible heat pump models can also cool the water supplied to the air conditioning system. For each kilowatt-hour of electric power consumed, heat pumps provide the systems of  heating and hot water supply (or withdraw from the conditioned air) up to 3-6 kilowatt-hour of heat