Safe handling of natural refrigerants

Author: Alexander Cohr Pachai, Sabroe Factory by Johnson Controls

All refrigerants have to be dealt with taking in to account their properties, some are toxic, some are flammable, some are both, some produce toxic break down product when heated. No refrigerant is more safe than others.

Safety has to be part of the company policy from top to bottom it has to be rooted in everything you do and think. Safety starts from the top in the company, without the managements focus it will not work. Accidents will happen but we can make sure the consequences are as small as possible.  Training and updating is essential to ensure the use of correct habits and procedures. There are standards, guidelines and regulations in place that will help preventing the worst accidents. Local safety systems and organisation will help the culture change together with the management Enforcement from the authorities will ensure compliance. Although maintenance can cause accidents the lack of maintenance is much more common reason for fire and other accidents.

The presentation tells about accidents in RAC systems, about their cause and how to prevent them.

General refrigerant safety & accident prevention Mr. Alexander Pachai English