Webinar to explore net zero supermarkets

Webinar to explore net zero supermarkets

The “natural” refrigerant group Shecco is to host a webinar on how retailers can move towards zero net energy supermarkets.

Dirk Leinweber, director of sales food retail at Danfoss Cooling in Hamburg and colleague Hans O Matthiesen, global segment director, food retail at Danfoss in Denmark, will be joined by Krysztof Banasiak of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology to update retailers and hear about the success stories.

The shift in refrigerants in supermarkets driven by the legislation as well as sustainability decisions of leading retailers creates an opportunity to make strategic choices about system architecture and integration of refrigeration systems with other technologies that reduce the overall energy demand of a store.

The progress towards zero net energy supermarkets can be realised through coupling cooling and heating systems of the store with renewable energy sources and linking the system into a district-heating network.

The webinar will take place on 22 February at 15.00 CET.

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