The seventh National Congress of the “Ecoholod” Republican Public Association

12-13 of April, 2013, the seventh National Congress of the “Ecoholod” Republican Public Association (RAC) was held in Bishkek.

The meeting was attended by 40 leading specialists of our Republic for cooling equipment, representatives of governmental, scientific, developer and other interested organizations. «Ecoholod» RAC was founded in 2004, to assist the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic on the fulfillment of obligations under international and national laws relating to the protection of the ozone layer, climate change, other environmental problems, and their implementation in the field of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pumps. «Ecoholod» RAC brings together more than 150 specialists in servicing of the refrigeration equipment from all regions of the Kyrgyz Republic. “Ecoholod” RAC is a collective member of the International Academy of Refrigeration, located in St. Petersburg and associate member of AREA – European Association of professionals in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning, situated in Brussels. During the Conference of the “Ecoholod” RAC, there were discussed the issues regarding the activities of the Association for last year, energy-efficient solutions of heating systems and air conditioning equipment, engineering utilities and building equipment, new scientific developments in refrigeration equipment, ozone- and climate safe technology introduced in the refrigeration industry, draft of technical regulation “Safety requirements for the operation of refrigeration equipment”.

Also, the modern cooling systems on natural and alternative refrigerants for countries with hot climates and issues about the certification of refrigeration and service companies in Kyrgyzstan were considered. During the Conference a statement to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic was adopted. It emphasizes that the “Ecoholod” RAC fully supports the new Government\‘s policy on sustainable development and is ready to make a professional contribution to its implementation, in particular, in the field of design and installation of devices of heating, ventilation and air conditioning in the civil architecture and construction sectors, based on modern energy-efficient technologies, introduction of new “green” technologies in the field of food security of the country in order to prevent negative consequences for the environment. During the Conference there were also raised the issues concerning social protection and safe working conditions for professionals in the refrigeration industry, because in the production process they are dealing with toxic substances that should be reflected in national legislation relating to labor protection and pension guaranteeing.