Tecumseh launches propane mini-chiller

Tecumseh launches propane mini-chiller

Tecumseh has launched a new air-cooled mini-chiller with R290 refrigerant and full inverter control.

Unveiled at Chillventa, the Infinee is said to be designed for easy installation and comes fully equipped. The hydraulic module is supplied with isolating valves, strainer, pump and expansion vessels. The unit is delivered with its refrigerant charge.

“Basically, the unit will have to be placed on a solid ground, connected on the hydraulic, plugged to the electricity and the unit is ready to go,” said Tecumseh Europe product manager Anthony Ornatsky said.

To ensure safety dealing with flammable refrigerant, Tecumseh designed Infinee with an air-cooled approach for external locations, open panels for natural elimination, three isolated sections for refrigeration, hydraulic and electronic, and ducted relief valves for fire protection.

Tecumseh says that although the unit will be efficient at full load, it will primarily operate at part load. “That’s why the unit is inverter driven, on the compressor and on the pump. Also it uses electronic commutated fans,” explained Tecumseh marketing director Quentin d’Aboville.