Tecumseh presents new products for hydrocarbons

Tecumseh presents new products for hydrocarbons

The compressor manufacturer was presenting its new commercial, light commercial and household range.

AK2 commercial refrigeration compressor

An updated version of the AK series compressor, the AK2, offers something different for commercial refrigeration.

The AK2 has an expanded evaporating temperature range from -15°C to +15°C (+5°F to +59°F). It works with propane (R290) and delivers a COP of 1.9. Low temperature models have a COP of 1.47.

Tecumseh’s new AK2 is quiet for a commercial refrigeration compressor, with sound levels as low as 55 dBA.

TC compressor

The new TC range is compatible with R290 and R600a at different variable speeds, with an operating range allowing their use across beverage cooler and freezer applications.

Variable Speed with A/C input

This compressor is compact (less than 140mm high) with a low inrush current, helping to meet regulatory energy efficiency requirements as well as a wide voltage range capacity for hydrocarbons.

The R600a range was tested against R134a and was shown to perform better:

Tecumseh presents new products for hydrocarbons

Tecumseh compressors entering new areas

Along with its standard light commercial and commercial ranges, Tecumseh is also beginning to offer compressors for air-conditioning and bottle coolers.

The AEX range in bottle coolers and the Variable Speed DC Sierra Compressor for air-conditioning can both be used with R290.

Doug Murdock, CEO of Tecumseh, said at Chillventa that eco-design and f-gas regulations in the United States and the EU are a key reason for offering new solutions for hydrocarbons like isobutane and propane.