Stulz R1234ze chiller for data centres

Stulz R1234ze chiller for data centres

Stulz is the latest chiller manufacturer to produce a new range of air-cooled chillers specifically designed to operate on low GWP refrigerant R1234ze.

Based on the company’s established technology used in its CyberCool 2 chillers, the CyberCool 2 ze units are available in capacities from 300 to 1000kW for medium and large telecom and data centres.

Like the CyberCool 2 chiller introduced in 2013, the ze series is also available to reduce noise emissions with size-maximised EC fans and soundproofed compressors.

Dynamic control technology provides intelligent switching between compressor operation and indirect free cooling.

The Stulz Mix Mode Boost Technology enables 100% of the DX register area to be used without having to regulate the fan speed.