Snowman sees growing interest in ammonia refrigeration systems in Australia

Snowman sees growing interest in ammonia refrigeration systems in Australia

Signalling the growing market for ammonia-based refrigeration systems in Australia, Snowman exhibited its semi-hermetic ammonia compressors at ARBS 2018 where it saw significant interest in new technology from the Australian market.

Rüdiger Rudischhauser, Vice-President Sales International, Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd., spoke with Luke Taylor, director for local distributor Snowkey Australia, about the feedback received from participants at ARBS regarding the company’s semi-hermetic ammonia compressors.

“What I can say is definitely, the interest is there,” said Taylor.

“It’s new technology. Obviously the Australian market is very slow to accept the new technology until it’s proven. The interest is actually mind-blowing to see the amount of questions and the amount of opportunities that there are here.”

Discussing the potential for the Australian market to move more of its refrigeration from HFC-based systems to ammonia, Rudischhauser said, “I can see also that with our product, the semi-hermetic ammonia compressor, it makes it probably easier for contractors who are a bit inexperienced to take up ammonia”.

“I think we agree that the semi-hermetic compressors are a kind of gateway into the ammonia world, and then when it is taken up and the skill level is there, the contractors can also move into the open drives which are even more efficient.”

The Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services Exhibition took place at the ICC in Sydney’s Darling Harbour on 8-10 May.