Secop launches new R290 compressors

Secop launches new R290 compressors

The German manufacturer extends its energy-optimized propane compressor program with new SCE compressors.

German compressor maker Secop announced this week that it is extending its energy-optimized propane compressor program with new SCE-line compressors.

The new compressors are designed for Low Back Pressure (LBP) and Medium Back Pressure (MBP) applications.

“We’re launching new models for light commercial applications for 115-127 V/60 Hz markets (like the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Colombia) and 220-240 V/50 Hz markets (like Europe, China and India),” Rafael Andrighetti, product manager at Secop, said.

Altogether five propane compressors will be added to SCE range: SCE15CNLX (95-135 V and 60 Hz) and SCE18CNLX (95-135 V and 60 Hz) for applications like commercial freezers, ice cream cabinets and display cabinets; and SCE15MNX (103-127 V and 60 Hz), SCE18MNX (95-135 V and 60 Hz) and SCE21MNX (198-254 V and 50 Hz) for applications like beverage coolers, display cabinets and ice makers.

The benefits of these compressors, said Secop, include their range of voltage, along with their improved efficiency and higher cooling capacity, compared to earlier SC compressors. “The SCE compressors have an efficiency level which allows them to meet the stricter energy efficiency certifications (energy level labels),” such as Energy Star 4.0 in the U.S. and the Ecodesign-related Labeling Directive in Europe, Andrighetti explained.

For OEMs, he added, the new compressors are compatible to SC compressors in dimensions and connections, simplifying an SC unit replacement.

The new compressors are also able to work with hot-gas defrost and allow reduced noise.