Sanden presents 'Sanden inside' concept for retail

Sanden presents 'Sanden inside' concept for retail

SANDEN Environmental Solutions is integrating CO2 refrigeration units into cabinets built by Hauser, Arneg and TEKO.

Tapping into the trend towards flexibility in European food retail, SANDEN Environmental Solutions is pursuing a ‘Sanden inside’ strategy of fitting CO2 refrigeration units into cabinets built by Hauser, Arneg and TEKO.

“The strategy is to deploy our CO2 solutions as widely as possible – in commercial refrigeration and also for heating,” Olivier Campy, chief operating officer (EMEA) at SANDEN Environmental Solutions, said.

The ‘Sanden inside’ strategy sees Sanden install its equipment in different types of cabinet. “What we’re showing at our partners’ booths is that we’re deploying this strategy with different condensing units, whether it’s remote units or plug-in units, or air-cooled or water-cooled – basically, any solution for small or medium-sized stores,” Campy said.

Accelerating CO2 rollout in Europe

By combining Sanden’s CO2 technology expertise with the knowhow of the cabinetmakers, Campy hopes to speed up the rollout of smaller CO2-based cooling systems in Europe.

“Europe is driving the market for CO2, with systems installed in around 8,000 stores already. The trend for us has always been very clear – small-format stores will drive the market. We have decided to tackle the market as a technology provider,” the Sanden chief explained.

Campy believes the stunning success of CO2 transcritical and subcritical refrigeration systems for larger supermarkets has paved the way for manufacturers to target smaller stores too – including the discount market. “We see a great future here” – not just in Japan and in Europe, but also in the United States, he said.

Sanden’s portfolio features a wide variety of CO2-based cooling equipment.

“We have a range of solutions, from 0.6 kW to 9 kW, for medium and low-temperature applications,” Sylvain Gillaux, European Sales & Marketing Manager at SANDEN Environmental Solutions, said.

He was speaking alongside a Hauser display cabinet at the EuroShop tradeshow in Düsseldorf, Germany. The company has been collaborating with Hauser for a year already.

“We want to provide the market with our small, innovative CO2 solutions, with or without DC inverters,” Gillaux said.