R404A “drop-in” claims 2,000 installations

R404A “drop-in” claims 2,000 installations

Honeywell claims that more than 2,000 supermarket installations have now been made using R448A, the lower GWP “drop-in” for R404A.

Marketed by Honeywell as Solstice N40, R448A is described as an energy-efficient replacement for commercial refrigeration applications including supermarket equipment, frozen food cases, cold rooms and blast freezers.

A complex blend of R32, R125, R134a and the HFOs R1234yf and R1234ze(E), R448A has demonstrated 5-16% lower energy consumption than R404A in medium- temperature refrigeration applications. It has a GWP of 1273 (IPCC AR5), which is 68% lower than R404A.

“Supermarkets are increasingly converting to lower-GWP refrigerants, not only to achieve global greenhouse gas reduction targets, but also to take advantage of the improved energy efficiency that the new technology offers,” said David Cooper, director, Honeywell Refrigerants.

“By choosing Solstice N40, supermarkets are reducing their impact on the environment and at the same time lowering costs due to improved energy efficiency.”

Honeywell offers an online calculator to measure the savings possible using R448A as a “drop-in” replacement for R404A.