R32 air conditioner sales pass 3 million

Although global availability is still limited, as of March this year sales of air conditioners using the “mildly flammable” refrigerant R32 had already passed 3 million.

And while air conditioners using R32 are not yet available in the USA and have only recently been introduced into Europe, Daikin claims that the lower GWP replacement for R410A has already been sold into 43 countries.

The figures are revealed in Daikin’s recently released 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. It also reveals that this refrigerant, initially designed for residential air conditioners, is now being used in commercial units and water heaters as well.

“With emerging countries hastening their conversion from conventional refrigerants, Daikin is working with national governments and United Nations organisations to build the infrastructure and train the human resources needed to spread the use of HFC-32 air conditioners,” said Daikin president and CEO Masanori Togawa …

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