R1234ze chiller offers high efficiency

R1234ze chiller offers high efficiency

Engie Refrigeration has extended its R1234ze chiller range with the redesigned air-cooled Quantum series.

With a refrigeration capacity of up to 1,800kW, the air-cooled Quantum series is also suitable for use with R134a. It offers integrated free cooling as an option and also features new design high efficiency condenser coils.

The recooling capacity has been optimised to ensure optimum cooling output even where temperatures constantly remain high. This makes it particularly suited to countries with long hot seasons.

The air-cooled Quantum chillers are designed to fit the same footprint as earlier versions but their cooling output is considerably higher.

With the changes made to the condenser, the internal fans can run at lower speeds and power.

In addition, the redesigned air-cooled Quantum chillers allows the condenser output to be adjusted to customer needs. It is also possible to upgrade all standard models’ energy efficiency by adding free cooling – modular and capacity-dependent.