Propane system meets Eco standards

Propane system meets Eco standards

Commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer Precision has employed hydrocarbon refrigerants in its redesigned cabinets to meet the new EcoDesign standards.

Following the introduction of energy labelling for professional refrigeration, Precision redesigned its cabinets to conform to the European EcoDesign Energy Labelling Standard. The new propane refrigeration system used in the cabinets enables Precision to offer the best in energy efficiency and environment protection.

All Precision uprights are said to be engineered to work in the toughest, busiest and hottest kitchen environments, up to 43°C. Their controls offer the flexibility to safely store meat, fish or general produce with internal temperatures of -2 to +4°C.

A rear-mounted airflow duct is said to ensure an even temperature throughout the cabinet, regardless of product loading. The cabinets also have hot gas rather than off-cycle defrost, eliminating the risk of evaporator ice build-up, even in high ambient temperatures.

Designed for ease of use, the cabinets feature an LCD display and incorporate the standard high/low audio-visual alarms. It also has an RS485 port for optional connection (wifi or cable) to temperature monitoring/recording software for enhanced HACCP compliance.

All units are fitted with a condenser probe to detect a blocked condenser and stops the compressor. It also sounds an alarm to alert staff to the problem.

Further energy saving are said to be achieved through an innovative new thermal break bridging the gap between the cold interior cabinet walls and the exterior shell. Precision says this new design eliminates the need for an electric heater, which is commonly used to avoid condensation around the door frame, thus saving energy and removing a component with the potential to fail.