Profroid CO2 condensing unit

Profroid CO2 condensing unit

Profroid says its new CO2-refrigerant-based QuietCO2OL condensing unit is aimed at helping smaller businesses reduce their carbon footprint, noise emissions and energy usage in a more serviceable package.

Available in four different sizes for low and medium temperatures, the QuietCO2OL is equipped with an inverter-driven rotary compressor. Noise levels have been measured as low as 37dB(A) at 10m.

The QuietCO2OL unit is also available in a multi-compressor version for larger convenience stores. Covering applications from 10 to 40kW, the multi-temperature unit can run from two to five rotary CO2 hermetic compressors and can simultaneously manage the refrigeration, air conditioning and heating needs of a convenience store.

Profroid insists that installers and service technicians will appreciate its optimised serviceability with easy access to all components.