Poor install makes ac biggest fire risk

Air conditioning units are reported to pose a greater fire risk than any other common household appliance in Singapore.

A new report from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) says that its fire-fighters, rescue and emergency medical services deal with about 2-3 cases per month. In 2014, there were 29 reported cases.

Poor installation and bad wiring practices are said to be major contributory factors. The SCDF maintains that proper installation of the air conditioning system is the critical first step in the prevention of fires. 

A prominent root cause of the fires is blamed on the use of intermediate connections, by means of twisting wires together and insulating them with electrical tape, within the fan coil unit. Such a technique for creating an electrical splice is said to be widely practised in Singapore but can be problematic especially when it is applied in FCUs.

Described as a flagrant violation of both regulation and good sense, the SCDF says the use of such splices in FCUs may greatly heighten fire risk, particularly when water from condensation is involved …

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