Panasonic launches hydrocarbon freezer

Panasonic launches hydrocarbon freezer

The low-temperature freezers are aimed at the research sector.

Japanese giant Panasonic has launched the VIP Ultra, a low-temperature freezer aimed at the medical sector.

The ECO line of low-temperature freezers uses hydrocarbon refrigerants, which Panasonic says minimise energy consumption, reduce environmental impact and save money.

Panasonic tests revealed up to 55% reduction in energy use, which translates into energy cost savings of € 5,000 over 10 years.

The freezers go to temperatures of -86°C and a medical device certification (Class Ila) certifies its ability to keep research and clinical samples at the right temperature.

It is also designed to provide 30% more storage capacity for a given floor area, saving laboratory space.

A unique system

The freezer operates a Dual Cooling System, which is two independent refrigeration circuits working together like a cascade system within the freezer. However, the dual cooling technology differs from conventional cascade refrigeration technology.

The two independent refrigeration systems work together to provide a reliable 86°C ultra-low temperature environment. However, if one system unexpectedly fails, the other can maintain the freezer in the 70°C range.

The compressor is on a regulated on-off cycle that automatically responds to cooling demand to minimise compressor-running time and to save energy.