Panasonic launches 15kW CO2 unit

Panasonic has announced the UK availability of a 15kW (10hp) version of its CO2 condensing unit in two versions – a standard unit and a model with coil protection.

Designed for smaller convenience stores and many other refrigeration applications, this larger models follows last summer’s launch of a 4kW model in the UK – a market that Panasonic sees as the most developed for CO2 equipment for food retailers.

The 4kW model was targeted at applications in walk-in coolers in small convenience stores and cold rooms. This new 15kW unit opens the market up to small food retail outlets who require solutions for several refrigerated display cases as well as walk-in coolers.

Panasonic developed a CO2 condensing unit system for supermarket display cases and has been successfully supplying the Japanese market since September 2010. Approximately 8,500 CO2 condensing units have been installed in over 3,100 stores across Japan, including supermarkets and convenience stores.

This latest model achieves its high COP refrigeration cycle thanks to its proprietary two-stage rotary compressor.