Pakistan and UN Environment Organize the “Ozone2Climate” Technology Roadshow and Industry Roundtable

Pakistan and UN Environment Organize the “Ozone2Climate” Technology Roadshow and Industry Roundtable

The first ever “Ozone2Climate” Technology Roadshow and Industry Roundtable under the HCFC Phase out Management Plan project was organized by the Ministry of Climate Change, Government of Pakistan, UN Environment Compliance Assistance Programme (CAP) Asia and Pacific Office AP team in association with UNIDO and the Pakistan Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association. The Technology Roadshow and one-day Roundtable was organized as a part of the launch of the recently approved Stage 2 project for HCFC phase out and helped the participants understand the implications of the recently agreed Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol for the phase down of HFCs.

The Technology Roadshow was inaugurated by Honourable Minister of Environment of Punjab Government Ms. Zakia Shahnawaz. Speaking on the occasion congratulated the Pakistan industry for adopting the latest technologies available globally and keeping pace with the global market change, the Honourable Minister said: “As Pakistan embarked on their HCFC phaseout and achieved their first freeze target by 2013 and 10% reduction in 2015, there are excellent opportunities for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry to introduce zero-ODP, energyefficient, zero- or lower-GWP alternatives and technologies to achieve more socio-economic and environmental benefits. Roadshows like this will play a big role in guiding the industry and this unique initiative of the Ministry of Climate Change and UN Environment should be organized every year to keep abreast with latest technological advancements.”

The “Ozone2Climate Technology Roadshow” had more than 20 exhibitors that promoted ozone and climate-friendly alternative technologies to HCFCs in the refrigeration and airconditioning sector. The opening was attended by about 200 participants from the RAC industry, importers of refrigerants, academia, students, CSO and media. This was the first time the Ozone2Climate Technology Roadshow was organized in Pakistan.

Pakistan and UN Environment Organize the “Ozone2Climate” Technology Roadshow and Industry Roundtable

The Ministry of Climate Change and UN Environment also organized the Ozone2Climate Industry Roundtable on 16 March 2017. The Industry Roundtable was attended by leading ozone and climate global technology providers and industry representatives. Various industry networks participated in the roundtable discussions. Fifty key national stakeholders and participants attended the Industry Roundtable with industry representatives. They had a oneday discussion on current policy and technology updates on ozone and climate friendly alternatives to HCFCs and implications of the Kigali Amendment on the recently approved HPMP Stage 2. Dr. Zaigham Abbas, Deputy Director/National Programme Manager, Ministry of Climate Change remarked: “Due to the Montreal Protocol amendment, rapidly growing countries such as Pakistan would be able to curtail unabated use of refrigerants, which might otherwise have resulted in severe negative environmental impacts (high global warming potential, or GWP; and direct and indirect CO2-eq emissions), avoiding dangerous effects of global warming.” Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Atul Bagai, Senior Regional Coordinator with the UN Environment OzonAction highlighted that “a Montreal Protocol led phase down of HFCs will help facilitate transition towards new technologies, and create opportunities for industry to increase efficiency of the new generation of products and appliances in the years ahead.” Attending the roundtable, Mr. Milan Demko of UNIDO said that the “global markets are already shifting away from HFCs. European Union, Japan, United States, China and several other countries are taking steps to phase down use. Products using alternative technologies are already available in Pakistan.”


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