Natural refrigerant training is gaining traction

In Africa, Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI) recently held a training workshop for entrepreneurs and technicians on hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide management in the use of refrigerators and air conditioning. The training was funded under the UNIDO project, which aims to raise awareness on the commercial use of ozone depleting substances that could be harmful.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, GTTI Director Jahou Faal said the GTTI, in fulfilment of its mandate, aims to address the mid-level manpower needs of The Gambia and its partners. She added that this training was “an opportunity to learn and adopt good practice in the use of natural refrigerants as recommended as alternatives to the use of HCFCs”.

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In Europe, “there is currently a significant level of uncertainty regarding the availability of natural refrigerant training in Europe”, according to Klara Skacanova, Deputy Manager and Market Development in Shecco. That is the reason why Shecco recently published a Guide to natural refrigerant training in Europe. It provides an overview of the current market situation of training for natural refrigerants in Europe as well as its future outlook, and relies on a survey conducted among experts in the European HVAC&R sector.