NASRC petitions for faster code changes

A “natural” refrigerants support group has launched a petition calling for a faster revision of codes and standards to allow for greater use of low-GWP refrigerants in commercial refrigeration.

The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC) maintains that the market is primed for a major shift to low GWP refrigerants, but slow-moving codes and standards bodies often impede the industry from taking advantage of the benefit of these refrigerants.

With companies launching new technologies every year, NASRC argues that the increasingly fast pace of innovation has made revision cycles of three to five years outdated. “We respectfully request that the codes and standards bodies that serve our industry review their process, procedures, and timing to reform them to better meet industry needs,” it says.

It also calls for a mechanism to enable reassessment of existing codes and standards to be triggered outside of the existing cycles, to account for new technologies and scientific understanding.

“We are calling for industry to voice their support by signing a petition for faster action on codes and standards. The petition can be signed by individuals or on behalf companies and organisations.”

The petition can be accessed here.