MHI extends R1234ze(E) chiller range

MHI extends R1234ze chiller range

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has extended its range of chillers running on new low GWP refrigerant R1234ze(E) to cover capacities from 150 to 5,000TR.

The range is expanded by the announcement of the new constant speed GART-ZE and inverter-driven GART-ZEI series in a range from 300 to 5,000TR. With availability from April in Japan, the new series, along with the ETI-Z series of small-capacity R1234ze(E) models launched in 2015, gives MHI a full line-up of low-GWP refrigerant models.

The new series includes improvements to the heat exchanger and the shape of the compressor impeller blades compliant with the R1234ze(E). As well as offering higher performance (the COP of the constant-speed 2,000TR model is 6.9), components have been made devices smaller and arranged in a way to ease installation.

The adoption of the latest board in the new series’ control panel is said to have increased the speed of the CPU, resulting in more precise control and greater energy-savings.