MHI launches 20hp CO2 condensing unit

MHI launches 20hp CO2 condensing unit

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems has added a large-capacity 20hp CO2 condensing unit to its commercial refrigeration line-up in the Far East.

The latest model HCCV2001M joins MHI’s C-puzzle range and is scheduled to go on sale in April 2018.

MHI says the new unit has been launched to satisfy demand from the cold-storage warehouse industry for large-capacity CO2 condensing units following the introduction of Japan’s Fluorocarbons Emission Control Law. The law requires that by 2025 all commercial condensing units with a refrigerating capacity above 1.5kW (approx 2hp) will be required to use refrigerants with a GWP below 1500.

The HCCV2001M is equipped with two units of a proprietary two-stage compressor integrating a scroll compressor and a rotary compressor. The same units are already used in the company’s 10hp HCCV1001 model launched in April this year. The scroll compressor, with its high efficiency during high-pressure loads, is positioned on the upper-stage side, and the rotary compressor, offering excellent efficiency at modest load pressures, is on the lower-stage side.

The adoption of gas injection by a gas-liquid separator in the intermediate-pressure vessel is said to ensure refrigerating capacity and high efficiency throughout the HCCV2001M’s operating range. MHI maintains that these features eliminate problems relating to the high operating pressures that are unavoidable with use of a CO2 refrigerant. In addition, the adoption of middle-range pressure when transporting the refrigerant enables reduced on-site construction costs. Also, since the condensing unit can be operated in an ambient range of -15°C to +43°C with an operating temperature range of -45°C to -5°C, it can accommodate diverse refrigeration and freezing needs.

To meet demand for easy replacement of existing systems, the HCCV2001M features a maximum pipe length of 100m. Also, the adoption of the same external dimensions as the outdoor units of MHI Thermal Systems’ multi system commercial air-conditioners is designed to enable mixed installations with condensing units.