LG takes inverter technology to US

LG takes inverter technology to US

LG Electronics is launching three new R32 window air conditioners in the USA, bringing its smart dual inverter technology to the US for the first time.

Thanks to LG’s proprietary dual inverter compressor, the new units boast an energy efficiency increase of up to 40% on its best-performing model – earning it a US Energy Star award.

“Introducing the first variable output room air conditioner to the US market is a significant energy-efficiency milestone, and we congratulate LG for earning the Energy Star 2018 Emerging Technology Award,” said Peter Banwell, senior manager of the US EPA Energy Star programme.

“The LG Dual Inverter window air conditioners are cutting edge units that will help consumers save on their energy bills and dramatically reduce CO2 emissions in a product category that is notorious for heavy energy consumption.”

The new models are available in sizes 14,000Btu, 18,000Btu and 22,000Btu.