Kigali ratifier Grenada tests propane AC

Kigali ratifier Grenada tests propane AC

The Caribbean island of Grenada, the 37th country to ratify the Kigali Amendment, is to implement an air conditioning project using propane refrigerant.

The Government of Grenada has received 30 mini split air-conditioning units from the German government through the German development agency GIZ. The shipment comprises 20 18,000Btu (5.2kW) and 10 12,000Btu (3.5kW) units, all operating with R290 (propane).

The units manufactured by Indian company Godrej will be used as part of a “natural” refrigerants demonstration project, the first of its kind in the Caribbean. The project will collect, compare and analyse data between, already installed units using synthetic refrigerants and the new systems using natural refrigerants, R290.

On May 29, Grenada became the 37th country among the 197 Parties to the Montreal to ratify the historic Kigali Amendment. Grenada is the third country in the Caribbean to achieve early ratification, behind Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados.