Kaplanlar enters natref market with transcritical CO2

Kaplanlar enters natref market with transcritical CO2

Kaplanlar Cooling is entering the natural-refrigerant market with its ‘CORE’ transcritical CO2 solution.

In a sign of the growing popularity of natural refrigerant-based HVAC&R solutions, Kaplanlar Cooling – a 30-year-old company based in Turkey – is entering the market with its newly developed CO2 transcritical system.

The ‘CORE’ system consists of a standard CO2 booster pack, a gas cooler with an integrated ambient scavenge evaporator, plate heat exchanger, water pump, valve sets, and a controller.

Customers have the option of controlling it via an externally conditioned signal capable of varying the delivery temperature. Alternatively, it can operate as a stand-alone system.

It is able to supply water at a constant temperature and its operating capacity can be optimised to match the required heat load.

The compact system primarily targets small convenience stores and supermarkets and was unveiled for the first time at EuroShop 2017.

Ümit Radanli, refrigeration engineering coordinator at Kaplanlar,said that despite its compactness, the system is easy to maintain and user-friendly.

Kaplanlar offers the ‘CORE’ solution as an indoor or outdoor installation, providing an internal frame or external housing accordingly. By adding heat recovery, its energy efficiency can be improved depending on the customer’s needs.

The EU F-Gas Regulation, which is gradually phasing down HFC consumption in Europe, played a direct role in its decision to opt for CO2.

“Our clients’ wants and needs are evolving in our target markets. We are dedicated to producing products with environmentally friendly refrigerants, with this product being the first step,” said Radanli.

“Both our company philosophy and market trends are leading us to work with natural refrigerants. We already have new projects in the pipeline. With each oncoming year, we will be producing more and more products with CO2 and other natural refrigerants,” he said.

The CORE is also available as a CO2 water-loop solution.