It’s back! methyl chloride found in fake r22


A leading Chinese manufacturer is offering a reward for help in stopping sales of counterfeit refrigerants, including dangerous methyl chloride cocktails.

Counterfeiting in China is not restricted to Western brands. Zhejiang Juhua Co, an established Chinese producer of Giant brand refrigerants and a supplier of blend component R125 to Honeywell, is also under attack from fakers. And those counterfeiters are said to be passing off potentially fatal cocktails of refrigerants containing methyl chloride as R22.

In 2011, cocktails of R12 and methyl chloride (R40), sold as R134a, were thought to be responsible for a number of explosions and deaths in the refrigerated container industry. The methyl chloride reacts with aluminum, corroding the internal components in the system and creating trimethylaluminium, a volatile by-product that burns on contact with air.

Now it appears the counterfeiters are turning their attention to producing fake versions of R22, a refrigerant which will become more scarce and costly as worldwide phase-outs of the ozone depleting refrigerant take hold …