Italy acts on illegal refrigerant sales

Italy acts on illegal refrigerant sales

Authorities in Italy appear to be cracking down on illegal refrigerant sales.

Details are limited, but Italian police are reported to have visited a premises on Tuesday in Ceprano, in the province of Frosinone, 100km south of Rome, in connection with internet sales of refrigerant.

A 28-year-old owner of a spare parts business had sold twelve R134 cylinders on the internet without the correct documentation or proof of its origin.

The action was carried out by local carabinieri of the Ceprano Station, in collaboration with the Carabinieri Ecological Operating Unit of Rome, the department charged with environmental protection.

According to Italian refrigeration magazine Industria & Formazione, similar controls are taking place throughout Italy as part of investigations requested by the Italian Ministry of the Environment “for the verification of the management of the use of fluorinated greenhouse gases”.

Italy’s Carabinieri Ecological Operating Unit (NOE) was established in 1986 under the control of the environment minister. It comprises specially trained personnel and has nationwide jurisdiction.