IR launches water-cooled R1234ze chiller

IR launches water-cooled R1234ze chiller

Ingersoll Rand has added a further Trane water-cooled chiller using the low GWP HFO refrigerant R1234ze.

The new XStream eXcellent chiller joins Ingersoll Rand’s EcoWise portfolio of low environmental impact products. With capacities ranging from 290kW to 2600kW, the XStream eXcellent is said to be suited to critical environments such as a data centre, hospital, large office building or industrial process applications.

The XStream eXcellent employs two completely separated refrigerant circuits and features high efficiency heat exchangers, low charge evaporator and oil-free high speed centrifugal compressors.

The chiller is said to achieve an ESEER of 9.3 and EER of 6.2.

Ingersoll Rand has pioneered the development of Trane chillers using HFOs, and was the first to introduce a chiller using R1233zd(E) when launching its Series E CenTraVac water-cooled centrifugal chiller in 2014. The company introduced the Sintesis eXcellent – an air-cooled chiller using R1234ze – last year.